While You Were Working: 12.13.12

Ready for the Knicks Lakers tonight?


Kobe Bryant says Carmelo Anthony is the hardest player in the NBA to defend.



Dwight Howard doesn't appear too worried, as he fights to save the Center position.




Charles Barkley called the Knicks a Playboy Bunny. No one seems to be clear on exactly what he meant.


And to cap it off, J.R. Smith was talking trash on Twitter.


Scottie Pippen is set to star in his own reality show.


Mark Jackson called Dwyane Wade the third-best point guard ever, with Michael Jordan and Kobe ahead of him.

The Angels are making moves.



Tyler Hansbrough stood up for little bro last night.


The Big East could be in trouble.



Ma$e talks leaving Bad Boy and being blocked from signing with G-Unit.


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RG3 practiced again, looking stronger than yesterday.


The Jets think Braylon Edwards can play on Monday night, despite the Seahawks cutting him on Wednesday over concerns he may not play for the rest of the season.


Rex Ryan isn't bothered by Braylon Edwards calling the organization idiots: he's been called worse before.


It also can't hurt his feelings too much since the word is now flying around the NFL, as Lance Briggs hit Jermichael Finley with the idiot bomb, following comments that the Bears might be better with Brian Urlacher on the sideline.


Two Chicago Bulls fans were shot in Philly after celebrating the Bulls' victory.


Wonder what Jay Electronica has been up to this year? He appeared on this track with DProsper, but other than that, we've just got Instagrams.




Some afternoon tunes:



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