While You Were Working: 12.10.12

After a major reworking of the roster and a coaching change, the Lakers are predictably not at their best. Now, people are taking notice, including Paul Millsap and Mike D'Antoni.


The Ravens are switching things up.


Bobby Petrino has found a new coaching job.


Marcus Lattimore is going the other way, heading straight to the NFL Willis McGahee style.


Jay Cutler declares he will be fit to face the Packers.


The Falcons may have a new home in 2017.


President Obama and Speaker Boehner met one-on-one for the first time in over a year to try and avoid the fiscal cliff. There has been a mutually agreed-upon silence from the media.


Beyonce has signed a deal with Pepsi for an estimated $50 million.


Quite possibly the worst free throw of all time.



Jhene Aiko talks about touring with Nas and Lauryn Hill, her upcoming album and Big Sean.




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