While You Were Working: 11.26.12

    Today, a Twitter battle (momentary pause to lament this now being normal) between Chris Brown and a comedian named Jenny Johnson — who went at Brown callously while Brown attempted humility and self deprecation — brought up a lot of controversy on Twitter.

    It was the same discussion that has occurred for the last few years, only this time Brown supporters and non-invested parties wondered when enough is enough.

    His series of Tweets were egregious, though, almost enough to wonder whether he was actually hacked. For now, his account is deleted, which is probably a good thing for all involved.


    The Jets have been so poor, they've turned against each other and now Fireman Ed is gone.





    Ray Lewis may return to the NFL this season




    Shane Battier will return too, just not right now.



    Evan Longoria signed a huge deal to stay with the Rays.




    Colorado let go of their head football coach, Jon Embree





    The press conference got interesting when someone challenged AD Mike Bohn's ability to make a hire





    Harrison Barnes is starting to figure out this NBA thing.