While You Were Working: 11.21.12

Violence tends to attract a rather unique crowd. You have to be of a certain mentality to love it, to crave it, or even to appreciate it. 

Boxing not only has this element — in fact, it is this element — but also the clutches of fame and attention. This dynamic has been in play since the Roman Coliseum: the rush of the kill and the roar of the crowd at the same time is unparalleled, and it takes a certain constitution to revel in it.

It's why the sport of boxing has so many incredible, if not tragic, stories and personalities. Hector "Macho" Camacho is one of them.

Sadly, that "is" is likely to turn to "was" soon, after Camacho was shot in his native Puerto Rico. His prognosis looked good until he went into cardiac arrest and was placed on life support. Now, his prospects are slim as his family weighs the option to possibly pull the plug.

Camacho won multiple world titles in in the 80s, spanning super featherweight to junior welterweight. He was a great fighter, fighting everyone put in front of him, including Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad, Julio Cesar Chavez, Edwin Rosario and Roberto Duran. And he was the man to finally retire Sugar Ray Leonard. 

He was also an entertainer, as flamboyant in the ring as he was skillful. Outside the ring, he was haunted by drinking and drugs. 

Ultimately, drugs will stay with his legacy, as there were ten bags of cocaine in the car in which Camcacho was shot. The man driving the car, Adrian Alberto Mojica Moerno, was killed in the shooting. It is a mystery, much like what goes on inside the mind of these fighters, we may not understand.

Unfortunately, this is tale boxing will likely see again, but it may never see a man like the one named Macho again.

Here's to hoping that final ten-count stays away.


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