While You Were Working: 11.19.12

Did you think conference realignment was over? Please. The ACC seems to get ahead of the curve whether anyone else is on the curve or not. This time, however, it appears Maryland wants out.



The ACC recently upped their exit fees to $50 million, which the Terrapins didn't have just a few months ago. 



Rutgers may be involved in the move, too. Talk about a culture clash.



UConn, who has been whining ever since getting left out of the ACC's most recent expansion, now appears set to join the conference.



They should fit in perfectly with ACC football.



In related ACC news, the 'Canes are staying away from post-season football no matter how hard the rest of the ACC tries to get them in.



Alex Smith has been ruled out of tonight's game with a concussion. Bears QB Jay Cutler was ruled out last week with the same injury. Should be a barnburner…



Morehead State coach Sean Woods got in some hot water with Kentucky fans following his comments about generational entitlement

M.C. Hammer joined PSY for a Gangnam Style performance at the AMA's



Jet Life released a new track from their upcoming album, Jet World Order 2, due out Nov 20.


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