While You Were Working: 11.16.12

The MVP Awards were handed out by MLB today, with Buster Posey taking the honors in the NL, after returning from his horrible leg injury a year ago, and Miguel Cabrera getting the nod in the AL over Mike Trout. 

The latter is bound to spark debate, as many voters and fans preferred Trout's numbers over Cabera's. Cabrera fans argue the Triple Crown means equally as much, especially in historical context, plus the greater impact Cabrera arguably had on his team, since they made the playoffs and subsequently won the American League.


Terrible news: Twinkies are no more.



Jason Campbell gets a chance to recover from dink and dunk.



Chief Keef bailed on his own video shoot.


There has been another oil rig explosion near Louisiana.



How ironic.


Big Sean, as all the young rappers are doing, has delayed his album, Hall of Fame, until 2013. He released a video talking about his biggest fear, and how it impacted the album delay.

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