While You Were Working: 11.14.12

Keyon Dooling is a former NBA player as of September. He chose to retire desipte just signing a new contract two months prior, to deal with mental health issues he's fought since beign sexually abused as a child.

Dooling has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which gave him bouts of paranoia and hallucinations. Now, he's speaking out with groups and on televsion about his problem, how he dealt with it, and how others can help themselves, too.

It's a big step in the right direction for mental health. Few players choose to put their health in front of their career, especially not with head or brain injuries.

Here, Dooling talks frankly, though not graphically, about his sexual abuse as a child.

Elsewhere in the basketball world, Royce White is also dealing with mental health issues, in his case with anxiety. He and the Rockets reached an impass on how to deal with White's ongoing problems. Sadly, several people took to Twitter to clown on White as he tried to defend himself.


Cont: Be loud and clear about what you need for support, and if no one listens, be louder, figuratively. Dont stop standing up for yourself.

— Royce White (@Highway_30) November 14, 2012


Unfortunately, that just made the situation worse.


Michael Bradley scored a fantastic volley against Russia today.


You can now vote for the NBA all-stars via Twitter:


Torii Hunter joins the already-loaded Tigers


Susan Rice was named as a possible replacement for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a move that was met with heavy resistance by the GOP.



This did not sit well with President Obama.



Jay-Z put up his performance of "Can I Live" from Brooklyn.





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