While You Were Working: 11.13.12

The Lakers are starting to catch shade as details emerge as to just how Phil Jackson was let go. Apparently, the Lakers gave Phil Jackson until Monday to make a decision on whether to return, then pulled the plug at the last minute. Needless to say, Jackson was surprised.


The funny thing is, someone else was surprised, too: Mike D'Antoni.


Jemele Hill wasn't duped though.




People have begun asking exactly what power and ability the FBI has when it comes to email tracking.


Binders full of women may never die.


Jesse Jackson has left the Mayo Clinic after treatment for bipolar disorder.


#TipOffMarathon has been huge today on ESPN.


And UMass has stole the show this morning, led by guard Chaz Williams.


Reddit had fun with this one: Australia has ruled it's ok for cops to tell people to "f*— off"


Around the world, Hindu's are celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights.


A drunken Texas A&M fan wearing a Johnny Football shirt started a fight in an airport. Welcome to the SEC.


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