While You Were Working: 1.22.13

Tim Brown accused former Raiders coach Bill Callahan of “sabotaging” Super Bowl XXXVII by switching offensive schemes the Friday before the game.


Here's video of his explanation. He also went on Sirius XM and explained further. Brown's teammate and former ESPN anchor Jon Ritche confirmed Brown's statement to ESPN.



Not all of Brown's teammates agreed.



Jeff Teague and Ivan Johnson discuss who is the best rapper on the Atlanta Hawks.


USC Athletic Director Pat Haden is 150 percent behind Lane Kiffin. As in, using him as a human shield? What is this? Not even Monte Kiffin is 150 percent behind Lane Kiffin.


Roger Goodell has reinstated Sean Payton. Smooth move ahead of his trip to NOLA.


Michelle Obama gives John Boehner the look we'd all like to give John Boehner.


Forty years after Roe vs. Wade, those who oppose the measure continue to pass legislation to chip away at abortion rights.




Adrian Wojnarowski breaks down how things are going for the Lakers and Kobe Bryant. Hint: Not well.



LeBron and Wade struggle through the South Beat Battioke




The Grizz have traded Maurice Speights, Wayne Ellington and Josh Shelby to the Cavs for Jon Leuer to clear cap space.


Check out photos from an annual MLK Hip-Hop reunion that featured DJ Red Alert and Marley Marl on the 1s and 2s.


Fab drops a video for “So NY”.


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