While You Were Working: 1.15.13

The Knicks are in need of a vacation. Luckily, they're heading to London which they hope will get them out of their mini-slump. It's unclear if owner James Dolan will also make the trip, but he'll be listening.


Broncos defensive coordinator Mike McCoy is on the verge of accepting the vacant head coaching spot with the San Diego Chargers.



T.I is about to stream a live set at 3 pm today, with tracks from Trouble Man and Paper Trail.



Deron Williams doesn't think he's earned an All-Star spot this year.


What in the world is going on with Kenny Britt? A day after he released a statement offering his full support to the NJ police, they came out and said he was not cooperating. Britt's dad now says the cops are lying.




A$AP Rocky's new album officially dropped today. Rap Genius breaks down his lyrics via Esquire, and Complex takes a look at his designer shoutouts.


Kid Cudi is set to star in the Need for Speed movie. He also graces the cover of Complex and discusses his drug addition, his kids and his next projects.


Biggie's daughter got B.I.G tatted on her lip.


A study was released this summer linking marijuana use to lower IQ. The study was bogus at the time, as it stated the drop in IQ was only 8-points among just 5 percent of those studied, while the margin of error on IQ tests is only 5-points. A review of this study now reveals it was flawed and other factors may have caused the measly drop in IQ.


Wal Mart plans to hire 100,000 veterans over the next five years. This pissed off the folks at The Atlantic. Of course it's just a PR move, but veterans are getting hired that otherwise may not. This is not a bad thing.


The NRA released a shooting-app for kids aged 4 and up. This means they can't blame violence on video games, right?


Rick Ross provided musical entertainment at a Beats by Dre event in Vegas.


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