When Will Hollywood Stop Sleeping On Gabby Union?

    Breaking In, a movie starring Gabrielle Union, made more money this past weekend than what was expected.

    Universal/Comcast Corp. released updated weekend figures showing that it earned $17.595m, that’s $1 million more than its $16.5 estimated figure, reported by Forbes.

    Breaking In Official Trailer #1 (2018) Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke Thriller Movie HD

    Breaking In Trailer 1 (2018) Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke Thriller Movie HD [Official Trailer]

    Now, there are different thoughts on why the movie was successful, including both it’s timely Mother’s Day release and ticket buying support from African-American moms. But, no matter what, it must feel good knowing that your movie made more than what some thought it would on opening day and weekend.

    Gabrielle Union on Twitter

    Ohhhhh shiiiiiiii ! They THOUGHT we made 16.5 million but turns out we made 17.6 million for the weekend!! Ain’t that something!? So damn grateful the US & UK showed up for #BreakingInMovie THANK YOU!! https://t.co/w8smjYCCgV

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