‘When Was The Last Time Odell Beckham Jr. Was Good?’| ESPN’s Damien Woody Says Overrated OBJ Is Hurting Baker Mayfield and Causing Bad Brownie Energy

There’s nothing like family and when you are as famous a professional athlete as Odell Beckham, Jr., your family is going to ride for you.

The world reacted heavily when OBJ’s father took to social media to express his disgust with Baker Mayfield not feeding his son the ball.

Ride Or Die

OBJ’s father was fed up and posted a video to Instagram showcasing incidents where Mayfield didn’t throw the ball to an open Beckham, Jr.

The senior Beckham also commented on someone else who said Mayfield was “either hating on Odell or he just doesn’t want him shining.”

Odell Beckham Sr. put three green checkmarks to express his agreement with the sentiment.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield spoke on the situation at Browns media day on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

“I’ve had conversations with his dad before, man-to-man, face-to-face, and I was pretty surprised by the video and the intentions and the feelings behind it,” said Mayfield. “I would be lying if I said otherwise.”


Open To Reconciliation

Mayfield avoided the notion that he purposely wasn’t throwing the ball to OBJ and seemed open to reconciliation with the three-time Pro Baller. However, Mayfield did recognize the current locker room realities and that life would move on with or without the superstar wide receiver.

“If he’s back, then we’ll work through it and do whatever it takes,” Mayfield said. “I can put my ego and pride to the side to win. Because that’s all I care about is winning.

“If not, then we’ll roll with the guys we have out there. And those guys will know that I completely trust them, and they’ll know that I’m always here for them, and that’s the leader and the type of quarterback I am.”

The Chemistry Factor

The hot topic for pundits is that OBJ’s oversized popularity has caused a chasm with Mayfield, who never meshed with Beckham. Sans the connection and camaraderie necessary to build a championship team, the sentiment is that the union of OBJ and Mayfield is too damaged to repair.

Bart Scott vs. Damien Woody

ESPN pundits got into a heated exchange about the situation. Bart basically blamed Baker and Woody blamed OBJ for influencing his dad to make the post and for flat out not being the impactful player he used to be.

“Here’s the problem I have with this whole Odell Beckham thing,” Woody said.” When was the last time he was good? The problem is everybody defaults back to when Odell Beckham was with the New York Giants and the whole one-handed highlight catch. Since then, Odell Beckham has been hurt and unproductive.”

All eyes are on Browns coach Kevin Stefanski to turn around the Browns 4-4 season and current position at the bottom of the AFC North.

However, the coach admittedly excused Beckham Jr. from practice and subsequently the media on Wednesday. It is an indication that the priorities lie with Mayfield and not the backfield.

Seasonably Late?

The Browns lost to the Steelers at home during Week 8 on Sunday 15-10. Beckham had only one catch for six yards and missed a late-game pass that he attempted to grab with his signature one-arm style.

Currently, Beckham is 151st in receptions per target in the NFL. He is also 139th in receptions per route run. Mayfield has had his problems as well, throwing only six touchdown passes during the 2021 season. Injuries have plagued both stars; however, their chemistry has never seemed to evolve.

Still, the show must go on, and the Browns will have their hands full during Week 9 when they take on the Cincinnati Bengals and second-year QB Joe Burrow.

Rallying Cry Or Nah?

“Unfortunately, this is a part of the job that’s not much fun,” said Mayfield. “You want to try and eliminate the distractions and everything, but trying to get the best out of your teammates is first and foremost, and I think the most important thing for me is trying to elevate the guys around me. Being able to get the focus back on football is extremely important. This is something that’s very unique. There’s not a manual for this one.”

He added, “There’s not a handbook on how to navigate this besides talk to people, see how they are feeling about it and just keep it open because this is one of those things that, like everybody can see, it can be a dividing thing or it can be a rallying cry.”

The real question is OBJ ready to rally around the team, or did his father tell the world his innermost feelings for him?

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