When Dana White Came For The Media, You Felt It

Dana White came for the media this week.

Not just some of the media, but a major swarth from publications like Bleacher Report, MMAFighting.com and many more.

Released on Monday, White published the self-promoting video that hailed the promotion’s ability to operate during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

White hit the media with a “Y’all Must Have Forgot” like Roy Jones.

He took pinpoint sniper aim at a wide range of media outlets for their reporting, commentary, and negative outlook on the UFC’s early goal to maintain jobs during lockdown.

White reinforced his ability to beat the odds while the sports world scratched his head and outsmart the pundits.

It was White’s Trump moment when he exposed the media for creating and maintaining problems while not lauding his successful solutions.

Whether it is damaged hubris reparation or social media marketing, White is setting the tone for 2021 and beyond.

Warring with the media is a popular pastime these days, almost entering a phase of unintentional promotion.

White is letting his base know who he feels were the most egregious of his media detractors and labeling them losers who have never accomplished anything.

While I feel White on basking in the glow of a finger wagging moment for doubting his 2020 pandemic vision, I draw the line at career-shaming people.

Journalism, although fragile, is an art and a noble profession.

With current technological advances, everyone can become a commentator. The line gets blurred between op-Ed and general news articles by many untrained traversing the media world.

However, there are many seasoned journalists who report the facts and shoulder it with an op-Ed piece. Now that can also be conjoined with a podcast and a video.

The words of his early pandemic detractors are the same opinions that would have circulated with or without the mass distribution of media.

White is a bit unrealistic to condemn people who thought more about health than his abilities as a promoter.

Now that he has gone full metal jacket on the media, will they be personally offended as it seems he truly was?

Un-Biased is the elephant in the newsroom and when communicating to the public, White is right if his assertion is that facts are being suppressed over opinions.

But pundits exist and their job is to look for chinks in the armor of sports entertainment. It keeps people thinking and more importantly, answers the questions circling the fans as well.

The suggestion that the early pandemic unfavorable commentary about the UFC’s plan didn’t represent what a sizable portion of the fans thoughts is audacious at best.

White cannot be mad at the media for discussing what was a popular counter opinion to his ambition and vision.

Now the fact that exiting President Donald Trump coined the phrase “fake news” and goes on a Twitter rampage against the media daily is a curious coincidence.

White stumped for both Trump campaign runs and is one of his staunchest supporters. Now White is beating his chest against the media.

2021 promises to be a year with an honest intent to wipe away the challenges of 2020.

White should keep that 2020 “fake news” energy in 2020.

Then he could work with the media to build back better.

No Biden.

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