YouTuber Cheeseaholic Steals The Show With Proposal Rejection That Pranked ‘The Whole Celtics Game’

A popular Massachusetts YouTuber pulled off a prank that had the whole arena fooled. Joshua Lopes, known as Cheeseaholic on social media, went viral after he proposed to his girlfriend at the CelticsRaptors game and she rejected the proposal.

Joshua Lopes doing a fake proposal to his girlfriend at Raptors-Celtics game. (Photo: Screenshot from Lopes Twitter account)

He said on his YouTube channel that he found three courtside tickets for $500 each and decided to pull off this stunt to go viral. He stood up to get everyone’s attention before dropping down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend.

The young lady, whose name is not revealed, seem to be thrown off guard by the proposal attempt and politely declined. A Raptors assistant coach and a few players took notice to Lopes being denied. They smirked at him and turned back around to focus on the game.

Fans in attendance that were sitting nearby continued to say, “She said no!” Afterward, Lopes and his girlfriend made a full spectacle of the incident. She reportedly ran out the arena after she said no and he followed behind her.

The clip was posted on Lopes’ YouTube channel and has received 34,000 views as today. The 22-year-old social media influence has 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube page. His channel mostly consists of NBA-2K themed content with livestreams of him playing the popular video game.

Lopes explained that he previously pulled a fake proposal prank in high school for prom. He said his high school girlfriend was in on the prank, just like his current girlfriend was in on the fake marriage proposal prank.

“What if we can prank the whole Celtics, whole Raptors, and the whole TD Garden to thinking I am going to propose and my girl says no (laughing). Fake prom proposal to fake marriage proposal, this is going to be a banger,” said Lopes on his YouTube video.

In addition to his two fake proposal videos, Lopes also pranked his mother by telling her that his girlfriend was pregnant and they weren’t keeping the baby. That video reached 138,000 views on YouTube.

As for the game, the Celtics won 121-102 over the Raptors. The win helped the Celtics lock up the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference.

The Raptors finished in ninth place and will have to play the Bulls in the NBA play-in tournament for the final playoff spot in the East. The Bulls-Raptors game will be on Wednesday in Toronto.

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