”Kyler Hasn’t Led His Team To A Playoff Win… I Don’t Like It From The Agent, Bro” | Marcus Spears Hates Kyler Murray’s Contract Get-Down

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has a message for the team. Apparently, he wants them to show him they have faith in him as their long-term quarterback. The way a player understands that is with dollars. Big dollars. ESPN’s Marcus Spears understands Murray wanting to get paid, but doesn’t seem to like the timing and how the request is going down.

“We’ve seen phenomenal play from Kyler Murray. We’ve seen dynamic play,” Spears said on “First Take.” “Kyler hasn’t led his team to a playoff win yet. He’s dynamic, but … After year three you jockeying for position after a horrendous playoff loss? … I don’t like it from the agent, bro.”

The third-year quarterback is taking an aggressive stance with the team. Having long-term security in a sport like football is essential. You can’t blame Murray for that.


Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, said in a statement that the quarterback has sent a detailed contract proposal to the Cardinals. The statement noted that the franchise needs long-term stability in order to consistently compete for championships.

In the statement it is clear that Murray is committed to remaining with the Cardinals, and that he “desperately wants to win the Super Bowl.” That’s a good sign from your franchise leader, but maybe the Cardinals want to see more?

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Murray signed a four-year $35 million contract in 2019 and has secured all the guaranteed money. This coming season, the last year of his deal, Murray will take home about $5.4 million.

What he’s trying to avoid is the year-to-year uncertainty of an option and/or a franchise tag after the season, although his two Pro Bowl selections in his first four years would mean a salary next season of approximately $25 million.

Murray likely wants a contract in the neighborhood of what the Dallas Cowboys signed their quarterback Dak Prescott to. Four years $160 million with $130 million or so in guarantees.

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Earlier this month Murray caused internet commotion when he removed all references to the Cardinals from his Instagram account, and it was reported by ESPN that he was frustrated with the franchise after the team’s playoff loss to the Rams and thinks he has been made the scapegoat.

Despite any hurt feelings on Murray’s side, Cardinals’ owner Michael Bidwell is saying things are good with Murray and that he is a part of their long-term plan, but everything happens in due time.

“When you look at it, the window has just opened for a contract extension. Certainly he’s part of our long-term plan,” Bidwill said last Friday on the “Bickley and Marotta Show” on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM. “These contracts, especially quarterback contracts, are very complicated, so when you look at it, most of the big ones are done further down the road. … We’ve got time, but they’re complicated and we also have other priorities.
“Free agency starts here in a couple of weeks as well, as we got to get some guys re-signed. The salary cap is one big pie, and you’re making room for a new piece of the pie that’s going to replace the rookie contract. Again, the structure of it, the timing of it — it’s a complicated process and it takes some time. … I know we’re going to be aggressive, and Kyler’s a part of our long-term plan.”

Seems like Murray wants his position made clear early so that if he’s potentially lowballed or Bidwell and the Cardinals take their time, he can “win” in the court of public opinion.

Always a dangerous play, but stay tuned. This one could get interesting.

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