Westbrook out due to face injury

In Friday’s game against the Portland Trailblazers OKC guard Russell Westbrook suffered a horrific injury with just seconds to go in the contest. The injury came when backup Thunder guard Anthony Roberson came across the paint. Westbrook slipped on the opposite side of the floor throwing the plays timing off. Roberson came across the lane and hit Westbrook in the face with his knee. The injury looked relatively serious. Westbrook stayed in the game for the final seconds as the Thunder lost a close one on the road. Westbrook had a visible dent in his face for the remainder of the game. It turned out that Westbrook suffered a fractured zygomatic arch in his right cheek. Westbrook will be re-evaluated later on in the week. OKC has to play the Lakers, Sixers, and Bulls most likely without Westbrook.

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