Weekend in Tweets: 11.26.12

Notre Dame is now officially in the national title game and we’ll find out if they’ll play UGA or Bama after the SEC championship game this week. The vibe at the Jets vs. Pats game was so bad that the Jets biggest fan has quit and the Falcons, Texans and 49ers continue to roll. Yup, we’re starting to see who the real contenders are and here are the tweets to prove it.

And the winner is?

The saga continues.

When predictions go wrong.

With the seasons the Jets are having, we’ll let you have this moment.

Saints had the nerve to call another team classless.

Kid should call Blake and DeAndre.

Get it while the getting is good.

He did win a BCS Title, though.

Hey, why not?

Bruh, don’t tell me you watched all of the chapters.

There’s this thing called the NFL package.

Unless the Spartans have some new blocking and tackling techniques, you’re wasting your time.

It’s not the same without you dancing.

So what are you trying to say?

Hopefully you meant "on" because this is a family show.

Delete your twitter.

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