WATCH: Steve Smith Sr. Demolishes Michael Irvin On TNF

Michael Irvin is an all-time great receiver with Super Bowl bling to match,  but the sharpness of his tongue game could never equal that of former Baltimore Ravens future Hall of Famer Steve Smith Sr., who corrected Irvin and gave the former Dallas Cowboy a classic ass-whipping on live TV following the Bengals win over the Ravens on Thursday night. 

Irvin was yapping off at the mouth about how Ravens QB Joe Flacco hasnt had a wide receiver he can “trust” since Anquan Boldin. Smith, who played the last three seasons of his 16-year career with Baltimore seriously objected. Smith had a very productive 2,534 receiving yards, 195 catches with 14 TDs in 37 injury-plagued games with the Ravens, so he had to start G-checkin’.

Mr. Smith on Twitter

I got a doctorate in route running playa…you got an associates degree from a community college” – Steve Smith to Michael Irvin

Smith broke Irvin down like an organic compound, crushing the game by referring to the fact that his 14, 731 receiving yards leads Irvins career total by 2,827 yards. Smith also has 81 career TDs to Irvins 65 and 1,031 career receptions to Irvins 750. 

Irvin has a 3-0 edge in Super Bowl rings, but that’s all the props Smith would give him. It was typical Steve Smith. He wasnt taking any mess from anybody as a player and he wasnt going to sit there and let Irvin ignore, overlook or underestimate his contributions to the game. 

Smith didnt beat around the bush, he went straight for the jugular. The guillotine came out on Thursday night with a classic exchange between two incredible diva receivers. 

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