WATCH: Cam Newton Throws An Accurate Strike To Torrey Smith

    Cam Newtons passing accuracy has been criticized more frequently and the issue became a national conversation when Kelvin Benjamin tried to assassinate Cams reputation by calling him inaccurate and basically unintelligent.

    The weapons that surround him are often criticized as well. Some say tight end Greg Olson is the only consistent playmaker that Newton has, but this video posted on wide receiver Torrey Smith’s Twitter, shows the possibilities of the Carolina Panthers offense.  Smith toasted his corner and Cam threw a bullet deep ball right on the money. 

    After helping the Philadelphia Eagles win the Super Bowl in February, if Smith, 27, can recapture the burst he had as a deep threat for the Baltimore Ravens from 2011-2014, then the Panthers could be in business. 

    Torrey Smith on Twitter

    I’m workin’ everyday, craftin’

    The season will show if Cam can consistently make throws downfield under pressure with the pocket collapsing, but he was looking sharp in practice and maybe Benjamin’s criticism is the spark Cam needs to elevate his passing game.  

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