Von Miller’s Ridiculous Penalty Shows NFL Was All Up In Their Feelings

All weekend the sports world was ablaze in the aftermath of Trump’s comments directed towards athletes and the NFL. Teams, players, fans and the media took the egotistical Trump to task from Friday through today, blasting him in almost every way.

But it looks like the refs in the Buffalo vs. Denver game got a little too sensitive as they, arguably, cost the Broncos a chance at a comeback win when a flag was thrown on the team’s all-world defensive end, Von Miller, for unsportsmanlike conduct. Here’s the play in question:

Chuck Naso on Twitter

Von Miller just got a penalty for this…….. https://t.co/gk5sn91BRp

Of all the plays, and penalties we’ve witnessed, this has to be the silliest one yet. We all know what Von was doing as we’ve all give a “psyche!” many times in our lives to someone we know, and in this case, Von and Bills’ QB, Tyrod Taylor, knew each other.

Me and Von came out the same year in the NFL draft and were good friends and we were laughing on the field, Tyrod said to Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. I honestly didnt know it was going to be a flag. Like I said, we were laughing about it. It ended up working in our favor. I guess a bad play by him at the time, pretty sure he wishes he could have that back.

When asked if he was laughing about the joke or about the flag, Taylor responded “Both. For sure.”

Von was not laughing about it at all after the game.

I cant put my team in situations like that, said Miller to ESPN. Ive got to be smarter than that. Im always on the rookies and the young guys about being smart, doing this, doing that. And in a crucial situation in the game Ive just got to be better than that. I killed the game today with that play. Ive just got to be better than that.

On an emotional day where feelings were running hot, the refs could have simply let this one go. But the No Fun League struck again on a day where some laughter would definitely have been welcomed.

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