VIDEO: White Woman Arrested For Assaulting Pregnant Black Soldier

Another day, another ugly altercation with a bigot caught on video. This time, it happened in Macon, GA, where two black service women were harassed by a 71-year-old white woman named Judy Tucker this past Saturday, April 14. After an incident in the parking lot of a Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Tucker and her son, Robbie, followed the two service women into the restaurant to spout racist and homophobic comments at them. 

A witness named LaKeycia Ward posted the video on YouTube wrote in the description that Tucker and her family were angry because the service women had not waited for them to reverse back into a handicap spot for Tuckers husband, going around them and parking somewhere else, instead. 

Tucker and her family called the two service women gay Black b*tches and lesbians while they were outside of the restaurant, but then doubled down on an already awful altercation by following them into the restaurant to continue the verbal abuse. Ward said that she began recording the incident after she heard the family say The military lets lesbians serve? 


This Gentleman & his mom was hostile about the two soldiers not waiting for them to reverse back into there handicap parking spot for her handicapped husband instead they went around and proceeded to park in there own separate parking spot. .

The situation began to get physical once one of the service women pulled out her own phone to get video of what was happening. Tucker tried to snatch the phone from her, repeatedly pushing the service women and getting increasingly violent with them, despite one of the service woman repeatedly saying that she is pregnant. The man reported to be Tuckers husband also attempted to pry the phone away from the service woman. 

Larry Williams

Larry Williams posted a video to his timeline.

Eventually, the police were called and Tucker was arrested, but not before Tuckers daughter, Angie, attempted to play the victim by accusing the service women of assaulting her mother. Not to be outdone, Tucker also told the police that there were 10 guys on10 Black guys on [her], using a textbook attack-then-play-the-victim-role tactic. Tucker is also banned from Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen for life.

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