VIDEO: Savannah State Students Sneak In Super Bowl

Two Savannah State University students apparently snuck into the Super Bowl and gave us a video to prove it. This has to be the greatest football-related victory for SSU since Shannon Sharpe played for the Tigers. I know lots of people are going to go all self-righteous about how what these young men did was illegal. But, let’s get off the indignation and focus on how brazen these young men were.

The kids were able to get thru a maze of stairwells, corridors, police and security. I’m impressed by how they were able to pull this off. Of course, the NFL is very embarrassed and promises an investigation.

"NFL security is conducting a review and following up with the appropriate authorities in New Orleans," spokesman Greg Aiello said in a statement.

What is there to investigate? Just admit you got caught with your pants down, live and in living color. Maybe if your ticket prices didn’t price out the common fan, people wouldn’t be so tempted to sneak in. Or, if you took security seriously, as opposed to trying to make everyone feel safe, these kids would’ve gotten caught. I’m glad this happened because it might make arenas hire better trained people to keep us secure at sporting events.

I'm seeing a lot of people saying these kids should be arrested. Why?






They played the game and won big time. Even if they were to spend a week in jail, it would be a fair trade off for seeing Beyonce and that great second half of football. 



I am looking forward to their documentary. In fact, I hope they make a ton of money off of it and make a Catfish-like reality show going around the world and sneaking into stuff.




Don’t hate the player, hate the game. 




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