VIDEO: Rick Ross Lets the GDs Know What Time It Is

The Boss is back…well, sort of.

While Rozay's feats continue to grow, his street cred has taken yet another hit. The MMG captain isn't on the best of terms with the known and feared, Gangsta Disciples, a feud that commenced in 2010 once Rozay's "BMF" single went smash (mentioning Larry Hoover, a leader in the GD community, in the hook of the smash didn't sit too well with GD soldiers) and heated up in 2012 when, via a string of threatening YouTube clips, different GD sets demanded the Bawse “check in” and “cut the checks.” (Here's a timeline of these events.)

Waiting for Rozay’s response? A grandiose, combative, defiant retort to the death threats and whatnot? Well, keep waiting. In the meantime, though, a video has surfaced that puts some of the most hilarious, spot-on, intelligent satire to film that we’ve seen in hip-hop in the 21st century. Seriously…it’s that real (or fake, really). In the clip above, which is 100 percent fake, "The Boss" — or Rick False…or Ricky Roget — has taken time out to step in and address these alleged "rumors" of him being banned from the states the GD's hold court in. Rozay, apparently, will let nothing hold him back…especially from Johnny Mercer's Fish Pier. “Funny or Die” wishes it was this sharp.

Watch the clip. PLEASE watch the clip. But, in case your Flash or java isn’t working or you still use a Blackberry, here’s a synopsis of what goes down in this instant classic.

Fake Bawse starts his journey to the beach on a sunny afternoon in a packed parking lot of a local fish pier where he's taking some "personal vacation" time. You notice that Fake Rozay, is now somehow about four inches shorter.

Strolling through the parking lot, fresh-to-death – in gear he obviously copped from Burlington Coat Factory, replete with scuffed church shoes — The Boss remains firm in his position that he can touch any location a GD resides.

Fake Bawse drops a new phrase on us, “bufuckery” – a cold-blooded mélange of “buffoonery” and “fuckery.”

Things heat up…literally. The Boss removes his sweater because he's now on the beach, a place to which where he claims it's just him and God. A claim that's quickly shot down as we view a shadow pass by and two other individuals in beach chairs just over his right shoulder. Boss shit! (Quick note: there's a cold place in hell for those on the beach that didn't appreciate Fake Rozay’s efforts. You see a black man fully dressed walking towards you on the beach? You show him some respect.)

Ricky Roget remains cool calm and collected, as he observes the ocean, keeping his gangsta formula intact. He’s in North Carolina, but refers to the waters he gazing upon as, "The Pacific." Why? Because Bawses can clearly re-name large bodies of water whenever they please.

You know his shirt is off (note: this was a very diligent impersonation, but Fake Bawse stopped short of mirroring the real Rozay’s tatts).

He sees some seagulls in the distance and observes, “Look at those chickens, waitin’ to get ate.” He runs after the chickens (seagulls) and almost loses his dungarees.

The Boss has no shame in his image game as he thoroughly rubs and jiggles his beast of a belly, declaring his investments keep that belly full and disgusting.

It seems as though the GD's "pressure" has escaped Fake Bawse, as he firmly "I will be posted next to the 'welcome' to these states you said i cant visit." The Boss has no shame in his game and we (yes, you AND I) can't wait to see what Fishing Pier he’ll end up at next!

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