VIDEO: Pint-Sized 6th Grader Is Droppin’ Dimes All Over Top D-1 Prospects

Julian Newman became a national sensation this year after becoming a member of the Orlando (Fl.) Downey Christian High School varsity basketball team. Not junior varsity. He's not some 6'5 physical specimen either. He's a 4'7, 11-year-old who has yet to even hit his growth spurt. Down at the ScoutsFocus All-American Camp, Newman did work against the top recruits in the Class of 2016. Keep in mind that Newman won't graduatee high school until 2019.

Newman's been profiled in the New York TImes, but there were naysayers who said that the lower-tier of his high school competition made him look better. We now know that's baloney. At his age, the grasp of the game he displays, basketball IQ, handle and vision exhibited are phenomenal and well beyond his years.

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