Video of King James’ Sideline Rant Liked By Kyrie Irving On Twitter

Kyrie Irving didnt say much with his mouth when he left King James court in Cleveland, but his actions told us all we needed to know. Instead of shouting out his complaints to the media, he moved cryptically, shooting subliminals and sarcastic comments with hidden deeper meaning and refusing to engage in a public war of words. Thats how he’s fighting this new war with LeBron. With psychological/Twitter warfare.  

Silent daggers, smirks and ignoring what he perceives as white noise. He did it a bunch of times as LeBrons No. 2 during their title run with the Cavs. LeBron would rant and Kyrie would briefly argue and then just tune LeBron out and do him. It was obvious, he couldnt get out of Cleveland fast enough. 

When it was good, it was great and winning was expected. But when times get hard and Bron goes on one of his rants and starts ripping into his teammates or arguing with his coach over what he perceives as a lack of hustle or a philosophical difference in strategy, the Cleveland bench is not a pretty place and no man is spared from the wrath of Brown. Especially when Cleveland is 3-7 in their last 10 games.  

Last night, LeBron ripped into his teammates during a 133-99 torching at the hands of the Toronto Raptors. TNT captured the fiery exchange. 

NBA on TNT on Twitter

Coach James?

That video was then posted on the Instagram account Ballgod and the Twittersphere NBA fans grabbed their popcorn and raised an eyebrow when Kyrie Irving apparently liked the picture.

Jared Weiss on Twitter

Some Twitter heads immediately accused it of being fake 

DadofRoJo on Twitter

@JaredWeissNBA I bet that’s fake

But it was confirmed shortly after by other followers. 

Kwani Lunis on Twitter

@dfera81 @JaredWeissNBA nope just checked it’s legit

Then folks went in. 

matt. on Twitter


Everyone understands that it wasnt a like of approval. It seemed more like another shot at James. Another quiet but resounding dagger, setting the stage for a playoff battle for the ages between Irvings new team the Boston cetis and his old gang led by LeBron. Kyrie seems to be saying, I dont miss being yelled at like Im Bron’s son one bit. Now yall see why I left. Good luck out there, but Im good over here.  

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