VIDEO: Chris Bosh Cooled Off The Scorching Hot Trailblazers With One Shot

When LeBron James is away, Chris Bosh usually comes to play. Flanked by two future Hall of Famers, Bosh gets a bum rap. However, whenever Dwyane Wade, James or both rest their weary bones, Bosh reminds us who he was when he was freezing his braids off in Toronto.

When Wade short-hopped a behind the back assist to Bosh a few feet behind  the three-point line, any San Antonio Spurs watching experienced a bit of deja vu. Last March, Bosh beat San Antonio in similar fashion courtesy of a high-arching three from approximately the same spot a few feet behind the top of the key.

No, Bosh's trey didn't feature the sheer technical perfection of Ray Allen's Game 6 corner three, but the arc he put on that attempt from downtown caused a tidal wave when it cannonballed through the net.
It was that wet. Bosh's demonstrative reaction to his 35th, 36th and 37th points as half a second lingered on the clock says it all about Miami's 108-107 victory.

This isn't an anomaly either. Bosh is a modern day Robert Horry in crunch-time from behind the arc.

After Saturday night, Bosh is now 7-fot-10 in his career on potential game-tying or go-ahead three -pointers in the final 10 seconds of the fourth quarter or overtime in his career. He's 4-16 on two-pointers in similar situations.

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