USC Players Have A Players-Only Meeting 

It seems that the fans aren’t the only ones who are not happy with Lane Kiffin. According to a recent report by ESPN, the USC Trojans football team had a “players only” meeting without the coaches knowledge to discuss the future after a 10-7 loss to Washington State. Kiffin denied that the meeting took place however, WR Marquis Lee confirmed that the meeting did indeed happen.


"Kiffin don't know," Lee told the Daily News. "Players [only]. Players. Kiffin don't know nothing about it. No coaches [were allowed]. We did have that meeting. … Now [Kiffin] knows." 

USC’s offense this season is off to a bad start and the stats prove it all.

The Trojans are ranked 112th in the FBS in passing offense, and their longest pass play this season is 19 yards. USC threw for only 54 yards — the program's fewest in a game since 1998

This is a true sign that Lane Kiffin’s time at USC is up. Fans, players and likely boosters all want him gone. At this rate, the athletic department needs to make a move very fast before things get worst. One thing that this football powerhouse doesn’t need is another subpar season.