“Until They Kick Me Out, I’m Gonna Sit Here And Do It” | Fox Sports Commentator Greg Olsen Ready For Battle When Tom Brady Arrives In 2024

Former NFL tight end Greg Olsen has seamlessly made the transition from the gridiron to the booth. During his playing days Olson was one of the best at his position and a prime target from Cam Newton when the former NFL MVP was at his peak. With his transition into the announcing booth, the former University of Miami star quickly became a member of Fox’s top announcing team with Kevin Burkhardt upon the departure of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to ESPN. 

Greg Olson won't let Tom Brady take his job in the NFL booth without a fight.
Greg Olson won’t let Tom Brady take his job in the NFL booth without a fight. (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images)

Will Tom Brady Take Greg Olsen’s Spot In ESPN Booth?

But, in Olsen’s case he may not be able to get to comfortable with seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady reportedly set to join the booth as the network’s top color commentator. In fact, Brady signed a 10-year, $375M deal to join Fox in 2024, after retiring for a second time following this season. 

In a recent interview with Charlotte Sports Live, Olsen addressed the elephant in the room of his job changing when Brady arrives. 

Olsen let it be known he’s not going away quietly, despite that being the agreement. 

“Tom Brady — I’m sure you all read those new articles last week, you couldn’t escape it,” Olsen said Wednesday, per Queen City News. “But my answer was every time. ‘I have all the respect in the world for Tom Brady,’ Who doesn’t, right? He’s the greatest, I get it. I understand why they went after him, but I’m not going to roll over and die.”

Sounds like Olsen isn’t ready to just step aside and relinquish a job he loves and excels at.

Olsen’s Pay To Change Dramatically With Brady’s Arrival

While Olsen is doing a great job on Sundays, he’s also being compensated pretty nicely as well with his $10 million per year salary. Which by contrast is chump change when compared to the $37.5 million Brady is set to take in. For Olsen, next season could be the last time he sees that type of money for his work, as his pay is slated to drop $7 million per year, to just $3 million per year. And he’ll no longer be part of Fox’s top team, along with the aforementioned Burkhardt. 

And that’s a shame when you consider how prepared Olsen is weekly. How astutely he breaks the game down, but in a very digestible way for the casual fan. Olsen takes pride in his craft, and he let it be known that he’s here to stay until they move him.

“I’m willing to do what these guys aren’t willing to do. Until they kick me out, I’m gonna sit here and do it. Maybe he does come and take my job one day. I can live with that. I get it. I understand the rules that we all signed up for. I don’t ask anybody’s sympathy. It’s been awesome.”

Olsen And Burkhardt Have Great Chemistry

When Buck and Aikman departed for ESPN following the 2021-22 NFL season, Fox had to scramble to find quality replacements. And if the 2022-23 season was any indication, the Burkhardt and Olsen duo looks like a home run combo that will only get better with time. Their Super Bowl performance capped off a remarkable first year together. 

Unfortunately that time may get cut short with the expected arrival of the man they call the “GOAT” of quarterbacks. No matter how that political-corporate ego flex shakes out with Brady, Olsen will land on his feet because of the work he puts into his craft. 

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