UNC AD Confirms P.J. Hairston Is Under NCAA Investigation

The NCAA’s enforcement division has come under fire for missteps made conducting aggressive investigations during President Mark Emmert’s tenure. Last season, they flubbed the investigation of Shabazz Muhammad and Myck Kabongo. The next high profile case on their docket involves UNC forward P.J. Hairston.

The NCAA is examining an improper relationship between Hairston and agent Rodney Blackstock, who is the same individual rsponsible for paying off Ben McLemore’s AAU coach on behalf of financial advisors and sports agents.

Hairston and Blackstock have known each other for years, but the possible violation came to light after the Tar Heels' leading scorer was pulled over driving a rented SUV with a suspended license and 43 grams of weed in his possession. McLemore is untouchable now that he's gone pro, but if the NCAA digs up dirt on Hairston, UNC's national championship hopes may go up in smoke.

Via Pro Basketball Talk:

On Friday night, UNC AD Bubba Cunningham confirmed to the Raleigh News & Observer that the school is aware of connection and have been in touch with NCAA officials about the case.

“We’ve been aware of the McLemore-Blackstock case since May 4,” Cunningham told the paper. May 4th is the day that USA Today broke the story about the connection between Blackstock and McLemore. “And we’ve been doing research and finding as much information about that situation as we can to ensure that we don’t have any issues associated with that.”

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