UFC Fighter Andrea Lee Issues Statement On Racist Husband

UFC fighter Andrea Lee has been dealing with a lot outside of the Octagon. Between the revelations about her husband Donny Aaron’s racist past and his domestic abuse violations, Lee has been in the headlines for everything except fighting in the cage.

In a tweeted statement on Wednesday night, Lee asked for privacy as she deals with the aftermath of being the alleged victim of a domestic violence incident by her MMA coach, Donny Aaron.

Andrea Lee on Twitter

healing #unbroken #cantbebroken #strongerthanever #illbeback #mentallystrongerthanyallevenknow

After an arrest warrant was issued, Aaron was charged with one count of domestic battery abuse and one count of false imprisonment by the Shreveport, Louisiana Police Department earlier this week. His whereabouts remain unknown.

Lees friend, MMA fighter Andy Nguyen, called the police and filed a report after Aaron, 43, allegedly tried to burn Lee, 29, with a cigarette and choke her during an argument the night of Aug. 4, according to multiple reports.

The police report indicates Aaron and Lee, whove been married for approximately five years and have one child together, were involved in a domestic incident. Photos were taken and detectives were notified of the incident.

Aaron, a former Shreveport, Louisana police officer, was found guilty of negligent homicide in 2009 after shooting an unarmed black man seven times in 2005. He was incarcerated ahead of that conviction in 2007 because he allegedly beat up his ex-wifes fianc while awaiting trial. During the exchange before the unarmed man was shot, Aaron said Jamison stated, “White boy, I’ll kill you” and then began to open his car door and bent forward in his seat as if he were reaching down for something. The judge agreed that Aaron used excessive force and he faced 40 years had he been convicted of manslaughter.

The rampant domestic violence cases in MMA have been piling up over the years, like War Machine’s attempted murder and rape of his then-girlfriend, Christy Mack. The man born as Jon Koppenhaver is now serving life in a Nevada prison. Popular former fighters like Anthony “Rumble” Johnson and current fighters like former NFL player Greg Hardy and more have been involved in domestic violence issues tainting a now uber-popular sport.

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