Udonis Haslem Isn’t Brolic Enough to Call Himself Django

UD done lost his mind.

Udonis Haslem, who’s better known for being one of the last players in the NBA to get rid of cornrows, has managed to make the blogosphere buzz. Haslem is barely averaging four points-a-night for the Heat, yet he’s decided that he can nickname himself after the Quentin Taratino created character Django.


Heat beat writer Michael Wallace spread the word with a tweet.



I have a lot of respect for Haslem’s game and his tat of the entire state of Florida. However, you have to be exceptionally dope to refer to yourself as someone as smooth as Django. In order to be a bad ass like Django was in the movie, you need to be at least the star player on your own team. Four points and five boards aren’t even close to enough to get a nickname at all, let alone a self-appointed one. Ruling: You need to at least average a double-double before you can consider a nickname. Exception: White Mamba (unless you count bench minutes).

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