UCF Narrowly Averts Mass Shooting Spree

According to the Associated Press, a student at the University of Central Florida nearly went on a deadly shooting spree inside of a campus dorm on Monday night.

Campus police said Monday that 30-year-old James Oliver Seevakumaran – who shot himself in the head as officers arrived, before any other students were hurt – was armed with two guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a backpack filled with explosives and a plan to attack other students as they fled the seven-story dorm where he lived.

His plans were thrown off by campus police officers' quick response to the fire alarm and a 911 call from Seevakumaran's roommate, who hid in a bathroom after Seevakumaran pointed a gun at him, UCF Police Chief Richard Beary said.

WESH Orlando reported that one of those guns was a .22 magnum assault rifle. UCF averted a disaster last night, but the frequency of school shootings using burst-fire, automatic and semi-autos are on the rise, while assault rifles are flying off the shelves quicker than ever. As a society, it's impossible to identify or effectively diagnosis  mental illnesses, but it's possible to legitimately crackdown on the accessibility of weapons that can cause catastrophic damage. It feels like we're at a breaking point.

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