UCF Football Player Implicated In Violent Home Invasion Robbery After His Girlfriend Reportedly Sets Up Her Ex-Boyfriend In Orlando

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University of Central Florida football player Justin Hodges started his year off audaciously when he was arrested in connection with a violent home invasion in Orlando. The incident happened in early January, and Hodges has since been dropped from the team as he deals with the pending consequences of the daring robbery.

Details emerged that pointed to Hodges being involved in a romantic affair that set in motion the altercation.

Police reported that they responded to an Orlando apartment on the afternoon of Jan. 9 after the tenant, Nehemiah Fagas, informed them that armed masked men burst into his unit, beat him, and threatened him, stealing his phone and some recording equipment.

How Did Police Catch Justin Hodges After Home Invasion? 

“Our detectives discovered the victim and his ex-girlfriend, Nevaeh Mosher, had a disagreement regarding a new male friend,” Orlando PD’s Criminal Investigations Violent Crimes Unit said in a news release. “After she returned to the apartment the previous night wearing the new male friend’s clothing. The victim discarded these items of clothing, causing Mosher to tell the owner of the clothes, who was identified as Justin Hodges.”

Later the detectives would find the tossed clothing on a lower floor breezeway at the residential building, and shockingly they were Justin Hodges’ UCF-issued football gear.

The details felt lifted straight out of a “First 48” crime episode. Mosher reportedly set up Fagas, her ex-boyfriend, by giving Hodges information on how to enter the secured apartment building. Hodges and two more men entered the building where they met Mosher. The four of them went to the apartment, and when he answered the door, they pushed him in and began striking him in the face.

Police retrieved the complex’s surveillance video, where detectives captured the incident and all the invaders entering and exiting the property. They then spoke with 21-year-old Mosher.

“Parts of her story were deceptive and inconsistent about what she did before and after the incident,” OPD said to local FOX 35 Orlando. Eventually, an arrest warrant was issued, and Mosher confessed to her involvement in the home invasion and robbery, authorities say. Then, the police arrested the 20-year-old Hodges, who reportedly also admitted to his participation.

“Hodges’ statement corroborated the story provided by Mosher, but he minimized his involvement in the incident, claiming he was trying to assist Mosher in getting her belonging from inside the apartment,” OPD continued. “Hodges was forthcoming with one of the firearms used in this crime belonging to his girlfriend, which he gave to one of the other suspects to use for this incident.”

Will Justin Hodges Play Football Again? 

Subsequently, UCF released Hodges from the football program.

“Justin Hodges has been dismissed from the football program. Per university policy, the UCF student conduct process will be initiated,” the university said in a statement.

Hodges, a three-star prospect, entered UCF in 2020 after signing his letter of intent in 2019. The 6-foot-2 cornerback/safety from Fort Lauderdale played in all 14 games for the UCF Knights during the 2022 season, his third season with the program. He recorded 78 total tackles, 16 pass breakups, two interceptions, and two fumble recoveries before his dismissal from the team.

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