“U Wanted The Kid You Can Take Care Of It” | Alleged Texts From Vikings WR Justin Jefferson Leaked By Another Woman Carrying His Child

Minnesota Vikings All-Pro WR Justin Jefferson is on the eve of his fourth season, following an NFL Offensive Player of the Year award in 2022, and it looks as though he’s about to become a father. A woman with an Instagram account with the name Andrea Galea, who is reported to be a former college girlfriend of Jefferson’s, released a series of text messages between her and Jefferson about the alleged unborn child.

Another Baby Mama?

Here we are again. About nine months ago, Jefferson was caught in a similar situation where a woman he allegedly got pregnant leaked text messages of the All-Pro asking the woman to get an abortion.

In this latest incident, the messages that are alleged to be from Jefferson, there doesn’t seem to be any willingness on the receiver’s part to be involved in Galea’s life until the baby is born.

“U wanted the kid you can take care of it,” one of the alleged messages from Jefferson read. “Again u don’t know me for the last time u swear I know me. AND THIS IS A KID. A WHOLE CHILD. I tried to tell u this is how it was going to go u didn’t believe me. Call your mom and talk to her she the one that influenced you to go through with it. Tell her to come and help you.”

Will This Be A Distraction?

We don’t know what is true and what isn’t. What you can infer through the texts, if they are indeed from Jefferson, is that he does know this woman. He never denies a sexual encounter with her.

You can also infer that Jefferson wanted Galea to terminate the pregnancy when he mentions that her mother “influenced” her “to go through with it.”

Jefferson, 24, is entering the prime of his career. He will be looking for a lucrative contract extension in the next year; if he continues to perform at his All-Pro level he might become the highest-paid receiver in the league. His performance already suggests he’s the best.

We’ll see if the second alleged baby mama incident proves to be a distraction heading into the season.

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