U.K. Boxer Throws Shade At Terence Crawford’s Wife

Tyan Booth is known for off-brand comments but lately, he’s stepped way over the line.

Tyan Booth (12-11-5) is an unknown boxer in America.

In the United Kingdom, he is a former British Super Welterweight title challenger. He is best known for being knocked out in 2013 by Chris Eubanks, Jr.

However, recently he has been known for his digital trash talking for likes that have gotten him into trouble. Booth, a 35-year-old boxer from Nottingham,  posted a picture of the pound-for-pound king, Terence “Bud” Crawford. The picture also included Crawford’s lady, Alindra Person, asking ‘should a boxer have a fat girlfriend’ sarcastically on Twitter.


He also made an NSFW video on the subject and many others that show his disturbing thoughts:


Unfortunately, it’s not the first time Booth has made headlines for his Twitter fingers. Booth was suspended from the sport in 2017 after he made comments regarding the tragic death of Scott Westgarth and injury of ex-champ Gerald McClellan.

“Some people would enjoy it if I got killed in a boxing ring like Scott Westgarth. Man down,” he said.

“I’m boxing myself in two weeks and I’ve spent the past three months drinking cider and not training properly. So there’s a good chance I’ll end up in a ­wheelchair like Gerald McClellan, so tune in.”


The tweets were eventually deleted.

McClellan was the world middleweight champion with a 31-3 pro record and 20 first-round knockouts. McClellan entered a London ring to fight fellow slugger Nigel Benn on Feb. 25, 1995. Ten rounds later, the “G-Man” was diminished, brain-damaged from a fight still remembered for its devastation.

Scott Westgarth defeated Dec Spelman in a 10-round light heavyweight bout on February 25, 2018. After appearing in pain during post-fight interviews, he collapsed backstage and died the next day at Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

The super-middleweight had just come off a career-best victory over Marcus Morrison when he made comments.

The British Boxing Board of Control, which handles British boxing licenses, handed down the suspension punishment to Booth in 2017. He is still on suspension.

It’s not the first time Crawford’s lady has caught the ire of a professional boxer. In his bout against Hank Lundy, Crawford’s wife and Lundy had a memorable exchange of words.

Ironically, Booth has also been suspended by his digital higher power, Twitter. The boxer’s account is down for his lewd commentary. No direct word yet how Crawford feels about the slight but he left a helpful hint.

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