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Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury is a man with a master plan.

The WBC and The Ring heavyweight boxing champion is itching for a fight. He has the next few years of opponents already mapped out.

Fury and his UK promoter Frank Warren went on BT Sport in the UK to discuss his upcoming bout against Deontay Wilder. However, the champ gave the broadcast a lot more than it imagined.

“I’ve got my next four fights lined up,” Fury told BT Sport. “Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!

“I’m going to destroy Wilder in October, first time Frank’s heard it, then I’m going to take a fight in December because of Dilian Whyte because I don’t think the Joshua fight is going to happen in December, is it Frank? February-March.”

The Hit Man

Subsequently, the 33-year-old is feeling himself. Fury is looking way past Wilder to a legacy involving him cleaning the heavyweight deck.

“So, where’s what my bucket list is. I’m going to fight Wilder on October 9th. I’ll fight Dilian Whyte back in the UK for the first time in years at a stadium up here in the north in Manchester or something in December. Let’s get a date in December. I’ll shut that bum right up. That’ll be an easy one.”

If you are keeping count, that’s already two top contenders Fury has predicted wiping off the boxing scene.

“And then I’ll fight Joshua in March in Saudi Arabia; let’s do it. And then we can have a rematch in the summer back here at Wembley. And then I’ll go out in my last fifth fight, in however long, two years, and I’ll fight Derek Chisora. That’s five fights.”

Wilder, Whyte, Joshua x2, and Chisora. Fury’s vision is to take America off the pugilistic chessboard with Wilder then claim UK supremacy with an all-Brit finish.

However, he didn’t stop there.

The Prince of Predictions

“Then I’ll take two years out of the ring, just going absolutely nuts again Frank and I’ll come back at 37 and wipe the floor with whoever’s next; because it’ll take two years to build someone up.”

Ouch. If Muhammad Ali is the all-time king of boxing predictions, Fury is aiming to become the prince.

“That may seem ridiculous, but considering that I said I was going to be world heavyweight champion when I was seven years old and I said every single thing I was ever going to do and did it, you cannot write me off at all. You have to believe what I’m saying.”

Moreover, Fury’s real passion is to return home to the UK and fight for the fans of his native country. Fury took a slight jab at Dillian Whyte, hoping he doesn’t price himself out of the possible fight.

“Back in England we’re going to deliver a UK fight. It’s been a long time since I boxed here and I want to do a stadium fight,” Fury said.

“Let’s hope he doesn’t start asking for stupid money that don’t exist because if he asks for stupid money, then he don’t want the fight. So you heard it here, we’ll do Wilder on October 9, we’ll do Dillian Whyte sometime in December, that’s definitely going to happen; I’m going to splatter him for sure. Then I’ll do the big bodybuilder in MArch in Saudi Arabi, and I’ll come back and do a bodybuilder rematch fight in September or something.”



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