Tyson Fury Claims Deal To Fight Deontay Wilder Is Done

“The Gypsy King” himself, British heavyweight staple Tyson Fury, has announced that his team has a deal done with Deontay Wilder’s camp to fight the WBC champion in December in Las Vegas.

“Me and Deontay have been back and forth for years,” Fury revealed to Behind the Gloves. “I think he’s great for boxing. He’s a great world champion and he’s the most dangerous heavyweight out there…”


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“It’s going to be a massive boxing event. You’ve got two of the biggest heavyweights in the world, the tallest with the biggest mouths. One from America, one from the United Kingdom. It’s going to be an epic battle.”

Fury fights Francesco Pianeta on August 18th in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Fury’s promoter is British boxing stalwart Frank Warren, who is usually the counterpoint to UK boxing uber-promoter, Eddie Hearn.

“It’s been very, very easy [to make the fight]. We basically did this deal in two days, it’s been the most straightforward, not complicated, deal that I have ever done. I’ve found his full team and him gentlemen to deal with, straightforward and very, very easy.

“If I was a really greedy person then I suppose that it would be hard to deal with but with Deontay, we know where it is, we’re both fair men and we treat each other with respect with regards to the business side of things and on the night, we’ll kick each other around that ring.

“The Americans at the moment are laughing at the British heavyweights because you’ve got Deontay wanting to fight anybody all the time, saying he wants to be the best — and he does. He really wanted to fight Joshua.

“That offer was really there, the $80m for two fights. Someone very close to me saw proof of funds. The funds were there definitely there ready to take. They didn’t take it because they wanted to fight an easier fight in Alexander Povetkin.”

If true, the fact that Fury was able to make a deal with Deontay Wilder’s representatives for the pair to meet in a heavyweight blockbuster this December in Las Vegas is definitely a fail for Eddie Hearn.

Earlier this week, Frank Warren announced the two camps were in talks but Fury has now solidified that everything has been agreed on the fight to happen at the end of the year. No word has been uttered yet from the Wilder camp or his representatives of Shelly Finkel and Lou DiBella. The fact that it was “done” before Fury has fought his next opponent is revealing about where the Alabama champion is for the rest of the year, in the gym waiting for the fourth quarter. 

“It’s finally going to happen, providing I beat Pienata,” Fury told Behind The Gloves.

Fury was out of boxing for three years after defeating Wladimir Klitschko in 2015 for cocaine being found in his system. Since then, he defeated Sefer Seferi in a laughably lopsided four round victory in Manchester, UK and has not taken his foot off the gas of the Anthony Joshua/Eddie Hearn hate train that he is the primary conductor of. 

While we wait for Joshua vs. Wilder to happen, no one will be mad at Wilder vs. Fury as the trash talking alone will be worth the price of admission.  

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