Twitter Has Brett Favre Tight | Mercilessly Clowned In Mississippi For Welfare Fraud

Twitter got Brett Favre tight.

Social media steamrolled over the former NFL quarterback legend as the online testimonies abound regarding his welfare fraud case.

The Welfare King?

According to reports, Favre was paid $1.1 million by his home state of Mississippi for speeches he never delivered. However, when the world found out that the money came from the Mississippi welfare fund, the shame and jokes were plenty.

Last year, the Hall of Famer paid back $500,000, believing that the issue was settled. Then Mississippi State Auditor Shad White pressed the issue, prompting Favre to repay the remaining $600,000 last week.

On Friday, Favre pleaded his case to the people on Twitter, and the trolls were here for it all.

Walking It Back

“As I have said before, I would never accept money for no-show appearances, as the state of Mississippi auditor, @ShadWhite, claims.”

“Of course the money was returned because I would never knowingly take funds meant to help our neighbors in need, but for Shad White to continue to push out this lie that the money was for no-show events is something I cannot stay silent about.”

“Prioritizing sensational headlines over seeking truth is doing a disservice to the people of our great state who deserve answers and a resolution.”

Mississippi Not Having It

The Mississippi state auditor felt some type of way about this and also let Twitter know it. But Favre is still not off the hook both in the courts and in the digital streets.

“These are lies, @BrettFavre. I am not going to hide how much you were paid, why you were paid, or conduct back room meetings to make this go away.”

“The CPA for Favre Enterprises confirmed this was your contract. You did not give the speeches. You have acknowledged this in statements to my agents.”

“To suggest I have only communicated this to you via the media is wrong. I’m doing my job— that’s it. You can continue to use your megaphone as a celebrity to drown out the facts, but it will not change the facts.”

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

White doesn’t want to lose the credibility of the state of Mississippi in this debacle and is not backing down from Favre. White’s also suggested Favre is still in arrears for the interest for the payments to the tune of $220,000.

He has hinted that the state attorney general might sue Favre for that balance.


With all the dirty laundry fully aired on Twitter, the messiness spurred comedy from the trolls, and Favre became an easy target. Although he’s a quarterback, Favre’s Twitter block game has him poised as a digital lineman.

Favre blocked fellow Mississippians who came for him with potshots and others who riled up the 52-year-old. The situation has affected Favre’s legacy and good old boy image, as the offense was against his home state and its constituents’ literal well-being.

U.S. News & World Report’s annual report placed Mississippi’s poverty rate at 19.7 percent. The state is ranked last as the most impoverished state in the U.S.

As one of the most marketable athletes the NFL has ever produced, Favre has attempted damage control. Still, it seems the problem isn’t going away in potentially a real court or public opinion.

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