Turns Out Tajh Boyd’s Point Shaving Claims are False

After Clemson’s loss to Florida State, many people came to the conclusion that Tajh Boyd shaved points to pay off rumored gambling debts. As it turns out, all of those accusations are false.

From SB Nation:

Boyd, his family and head coach Dabo Swinney flatly denied the rumor, per The State:  Athletics director Dan Radakovich instructed his compliance office to investigate the allegations, and by Monday morning he was convinced they were baseless.

"I don't really know where that came from," Boyd said during his weekly meeting with media representatives. "When I heard it, it was pretty shocking. That being built on top of the loss made it a rough little weekend."

Boyd's parents are angry and considering legal action. "These reports are totally false," Carla Boyd told TheClemsonInsider.com. "Please leave my son alone."