“Dabo Is Not For Today’s Players Getting Their Due”| Dabo Swinney Doesn’t Want Black Athletes to Get NIL Bag, But He Signs $115M Contract Extension

Dabo Swinney has had immense success as the head coach of Clemson Tigers.

Swinney now in his 14th season has taken the Tigers to heights they’d never seen prior to his arrival. With catch phrases like “bring your own guts,” Swinney has captured the love of those in Clemson, South Carolina. Having led the Tigers to two national championships in the last six seasons while playing in three, Swinney has turned the ACC school into a national power on par with the football factories such as Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State.

On Thursday, Clemson brass awarded Swinney with a 10-year, $115 million contract extension. The extension runs through the 2031 season and will pay him around $10.5 million per season, just shy of Alabama’s Nick Saban at $10.7 million.

In a statement released by the school to announce the deal an overjoyed Swinney had this to say.

“It’s hard for me to believe I am in my 14th full season as head coach, and I remain eternally grateful and honored for the opportunity to continue coaching and developing young people of excellence at Clemson. This agreement is representative of what has been collectively built here and the success we’ve had both academically and athletically. It is a reflection of the All-In commitment of so many people, including our players, our staff, our fans, our administration and our University leadership. While I am certainly proud of our accomplishments on the field, the most two part remains the relationship forged within the this program and the ability to positively impact those around us.”

Swinney Got Paid But Is A Huge Opponent Of The NIL

Earlier this year SEC analyst Paul Finebaum called Swinney out for being against anything NIL. In an interview, Finebaum said while Swinney is against pay for play, that’s what we’re dealing with as it pertains to NIL.

“Dabo specifically against pay for play, which, guess what, that’s what we’re talking about here with NIL.”

“Dabo is very antiquated in his view. It’s almost as if Dabo is an 85-year-old coach like his mentor, as opposed to a young guy, which he supposedly is. Yeah, I think he tolerates what’s going on today.

“But I think he’s saying. I’m really disgusted with it. We haven’t quite figured out a way here at Clemson to trick the system like some others, and we’re now behind. Four years ago we ran college football.

“And Dabo is not in favor of player rights. I mean, he survived. But it’s obvious that Dabo is not for today’s players getting their due. Now I’m not saying everyone is. But if you’re going to exist in 2022, you need to stop with the self-righteous routine.”

Scathing comments by Finebaum, but in recent interviews about NIL Dabo has repeatedly said he just wants boundaries. Sort of the same sentiment Nick Saban has spewed repeatedly. But neither had a problem signing those monstrous extensions, did they?

Can’t have it both ways anymore, players are going to get paid for the Name, Image and Likeness and that’s not going away anytime soon.

This isn’t the first time Dabo got a huge bag off the backs of the Clemson players. In 2019, Dabo was awarded a 10-year, $93M deal. To say he has made a fortune would be accurate.

Dabo Swinney Gets Paid While The NCAA Exploits Its Unpaid Labor Force


Swinney’s 151 Wins In 15 Seasons Ranks Third Over That Timespan

Swinney has averaged 10 wins per season in Death Valley, that’s a product of great recruiting, good coaching and at times a really bad conference (ACC). But in all Swinney has put the Tigers on the map for years to come, and it’s highly plausible that he isn’t done winning national championships either. But he’ll have to be comfortable with the NIL in order to do so. After all, if he can get paid, why can’t his players?

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