TSL Sports Wars: Cole Beasley Says Lebron James is “not my type of guy”

Dallas Cowboys slot receiver Cole Beasley hasnt transitioned into the NBAs LeBron James Era well. Hes still a Kobe Bryant guy.

In fact, the 5-foot-8, 180-pound odds-defyer let it be known that you are insulting him by comparing his swag to the way the 6-8, 250-pound King James AKA The King of Flop-N-Roll approaches his job.

Beasley caused a social media frenzy with Cleveland fans after his 2nd quarter TD grab on Sunday when his ‘saucy feet’ dance got confused with LBJ’s famous chalk toss pre-game ritual, leaving fans to assume he was mocking or paying homage to the NBA’s best player. 

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Turns out Beasley was doing neither.

He told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, “I would never imitate anything LeBron James does.”

“He’s not my type of guy. I’m a Kobe guy,” Beasley says. “(LBJ) goes to the bucket like he’s a running back and wants to cry when someone touches his arm. He’s just not my type of guy, man.”

On Thursday morning, Undisputed with Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless further discussed CB’s comments, which have now taken on a life of their own.

Nobody really challenges The King in public, but Beasley did. Lil man was talking greasy about LeBrons gangster. And LeBron is a diehard Cowboys fan !

It gives you a perfect glimpse into why, despite all he accomplishes on the court, some dudes just aint feeling King James to the heart. Beasley probably sees him as that physically-gifted, privileged bully he’s had to overcome his entire life. 

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Im sure LeBron just laughed when he heard about it. Beasleys like the court jester trying to lick shots at the throne. But its got to tick the three-time NBA champion off that dudes still consider him a player that is not physical and should be able to withstand more abuse without complaining.

LeBrons loyal followers will say, Thats a football mentality. We play hoops

What Beasley is saying is, pass me with that LeBron could play football talk. He has a foot and 100 pounds on me and Ill go head up with son any day.

Sounds like fighting words to me.  

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