TSL Sports Talk Recap: Todd Bowles

Last week on TSL Sports Talk, the new Head Coach for the New York Jets, Todd Bowles, joined us to talk about his new position and where the Jets are headed. Check out a few highlights below:

On what Bowles wants to focus on as he builds the Jets back up:

We want to be a close-knit team. We want to build chemistry here. Obviously, with this being the biggest media market in the US, there's going to be more distractions than there would be anywhere else, more magnified because of where it is as opposed to who it is. I think every team has a type of distraction, but you want to minimize that going forward. We want to win championships. We don't want to be a thorn in the Patriot's side, we want to be a thorn in everybody's side. But that takes hard work and that takes coming together… You've got to be close knit as a team, so we're going to try to be a close knit team and we're going to go out and compete and try to win some ball games.    

On the coaches that have influenced his coaching career:

There are a lot of coaches that I probably got a lot of my [coaching] DNA from, starting with Bruce Arians. Bruce gave me the initial "DNA" in college, to persevere and fight through anything. Then, going to play in Washington with Joe Gibbs, Richie Petitbon, Emmitt Thomas, they taught me how to watch film, they taught me how to understand the game. They taught me the nuances of looking for things on offense, which I learned a great deal from them. Bill Parcel's taught me the entire football game. He's taught me how to see more than outside of just coaching my position, as far as seeing what the offense does -how the QB operates, how the O-Line operates- and understanding how to coach your coaches. Doug Williams actually got me into coaching. He gave me my first job as a defensive coordinator at Moorehouse College back in '97. So he saw some things in me when we both played together that nobody else saw.       

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on what you can expect from Bowles and the Jet’s next season.

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