TSL Sports Talk Recap: Steve Kyler        

Last week on TSL Sports Talk, Basketballinsiders.com’s Steve Kyler joined us to talk about the NBA All-Star Weekend 2015. Check out a few highlights below.

If ASW lost some of its appeal this year due to injuries of some of NBA’s “star” players:

“Well, I think anytime you’re going to put a Kevin Durant, a LeBron James on the floor with a Chris Paul and John Wall throwing lobs at them, it’s still going to be must-see TV. Outside of maybe, Anthony Davis, is anyone really lining up to see Dwyane Wade right now? It’s not like the guys are really stepping out on this one. They’re the names you know, but I don’t think they were really the names you were lining up to see. Now if LeBron steps out and Kevin Durant steps out, then I think we’ve got a little bit of a different problem… This is the most irrelevant game they play all year. It doesn’t give you anything towards championships and I think if you’re a New Orleans’ fan, you’d much prefer seeing Anthony Davis playing in April or May because he took the weekend off than playing in the snow in New York on Sunday. 

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on All-Star Weekend, Dean Smith and more. 

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