TSL Sports Talk Recap: Reggie Barlow

TSL Sports Talk had the opportunity to sit down with former NFL players and Alabama State's head football coach, Reggie Barlow, ahead of their big matchup against Texas Southern this weekend. TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray, opened up the conversation by asking Barlow what kind of pressure tactics they’ve putting on their opponents and if their strategy has been successful.



Well, I think one, we’re blessed to have really good coaches here who’ve got out and routed the kind of athletes into our program that we want. Things have just been going pretty good for us in those first couple of games. Obviously, Tennessee State is a great team and I imagine that they will compete for the conference championship. Then we’ll get into conference play after that and have the opportunity to win a couple of games. Our guys are just playing hard. They’ve prepared themselves over the summer. It’s just a blessing to have these types of athletes in our program.

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on the Alabama State Hornets, Barlow’s career and more. 

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