TSL Sports Talk Recap: NFL All Time Return Leader Brian Mitchell on Martin & Incognito.

Former Redskins player, and all time leader of return yardage in the NFL, Brian Mitchell, sat down with our TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray, to discuss a headlining story on this week’s show on TSL Sports Talk.

Since Miami's OT Jonathan Martin, left the Dolphins last week to seek professional help for emotional issues that reportedly stem from abuse by former teammate Richie Incognito, people have been expressing their opinions on how this situation should’ve been handled. On one side, you have men—more specifically, Black men and other minorities that can identify with being a victim of racist comments—that feel as though Martin should’ve "manned up" to Incognito and put him in his place.

Mitchell opens up the discussion on TSL Sports Talk by asking, “Who defines what’s a man? All my life growing up, I’ve heard the manly thing to do was to walk away, okay. Now, did I do it all the time? No. Did most people do it? They didn’t. But is it the right thing to do? More than likely, walking away and allowing the right people to take care of situations is what you do.”

Check out the full discussion Brian Mitchell had on TSL Sports Talk to hear what he really thinks about this Martin-Incognito controversy and more.

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