Gun Culture Gone Wrong | North Miami High School Quarterback Accidentally Shot And Killed By 15-Year-Old

Tragedy hit a North Miami High School football star as quarterback Mekhi Stevenson was shot and killed at home on Tuesday afternoon. What’s shocking is that the accused shooter is 15 years old.

North Miami Football Star Mekhi Stevenson Accidentally Gunned Down 

Police say the 17-year-old Stevenson, his brother, and four other friends, including the suspect, were inside a bedroom when the shooter started playing with the gun. The shooter brought the handgun and was “messing around with it.” Stevenson’s younger brother reportedly told the 15-year-old to put the gun away after warning him the weapon was loaded, but the shooter ignored him, the witnesses say, partially pulling the slide back to claim the gun was unloaded and at some point thereafter pointing at Stevenson.

The police report says shortly after 1 p.m. on Tuesday the shooter intentionally pulled the trigger of the gun he was pointing at Stevenson, and a round hit him in the chest.

Mekhi collapsed after trying to leave the room and was pronounced dead at home. Per witnesses, several people, including the gunman, fled the scene on foot. Later, the suspect was arrested on charges of manslaughter, possessing a firearm by a minor, and improperly exhibiting a gun.

“I’m at a loss for words,” Sonya Stevenson, the victim’s mother, said to local TV station WTVJ on Wednesday. “I’m speechless. I’m numb. I’m devastated.

“He was a great kid. He was always smiling. Always joking and always laughing. I want him to be remembered for the bright, free-spirited kid that he was. Confident, humble, respectful.”

Who Shot And Killed Mekhi Stevenson? 

The 15-year-old boy accused of killing Stevenson is now behind bars. The accused shooter does not have an arrest history and will return to court on Dec. 20.

“At 15 years old, what is he doing with a gun?” Sonya Stevenson said. “What is he doing with a gun? I can’t sleep I can’t eat, I can’t think. I’m just lost. I’m lost.”

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Michelle Alvarez Barakat told the young shooter that she was not ordering his release because of specific considerations for the community.

“I do have grave concerns for his safety and the safety of the community,” she said before ruling that the suspect will remain in custody.

Future Was Bright For Slain Football Star Mekhi Setevenson

Stevenson was a 6-foot, 175-pound junior quarterback on his way to college. He was one of seven siblings. Stevenson led the North Miami High football team to a 5-5 record, the Class 3 Metro-District 15 title, and the state playoffs this season. Widely considered a dual-threat quarterback locally, Stevenson passed for 632 yards and six touchdowns and ran for 276 yards and four scores.

“I try to not envision what took place, him laying on the ground. I don’t want that reflection to keep playing in my mind. I just want him to be remembered for who he is, who he was, a great kid,” his mother continued. “I don’t get the chance to see what his future would have looked like. He had a bright, bright future ahead of him.”

Additionally, Stevenson was prolific on social media, posting highlights and praising others.

“He was a charismatic man, just a goofy little kid, a typical teenager,” North Miami football coach Gerald Cox told The Miami Herald. “You know he’s a knucklehead, just like everybody else, but just like I love the rest of them, I love him, too.”

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