“He’s Over Here Swinging … And I Ran” | Jorge Masvidal Apparently Catches A Charge And Breaks Colby Covington’s Tooth In Miami

Jorge “Gamebred” Masvidal and Colby “Chaos” Covington genuinely do not like each other, and unfortunately, that bad blood spilled into the streets of South Florida this week.

The two got into a scuffle outside of Papi Steak restaurant in Miami Beach on March 21.

According to reports, Miami Beach Police allege that Masvidal brought the “Chaos” to Covington outside the restaurant on Monday night.

“Gamebred” Brings The 305 “Chaos”

Multiple media outlets published a police report detailing Covington leaving Papi Steak when Masvidal blindsided him, “ran up to him from his left and without notice punched him with a closed fist two times in the face.”

However, Covington reportedly suffered a fractured tooth in the attack, and Masvidal was charged with felony battery.

“He’s over here swinging, trying to come at me, and I ran,” Covington is heard saying on a video released by TMZ. “How would he know I’m here?”

Covington appears surrounded by police after the attack, with Masvidal nowhere to be seen.

Friends Turned Enemies

The two UFC fighters were once friends, teammates, and roommates. The former American Top Team fighters used to train together in Coconut Creek, Florida, until interpersonal issues took them on an adversarial path.

“It first started out with this piece of sh*t not paying my coach $12,500 for a fight that my coach coached him his whole f**king career,” said Masvidal on an episode of “Stephen A’s World.”

“Then, when he had the chance to finally pay back the $12,500, he didn’t. So, I went out there and paid my coach out of my own pocket, so since then, it was like I’m going to f**k him up at some point.”

What’s Beef?

The two went at each other on the show ahead of their UFC 272 fight on March 5; showing how much they dislike one another.

“Look at him smiling; he can’t even keep a straight face, yet everyone at American Top Team knows that’s why he got kicked out, soon to be kicked out of this gym because you don’t pay your bills and you’re drowning in debt from all the loan sharks that you owe money in South Florida from poker,” Masvidal continued.

“You know what is going to happen to you if you don’t pay that money. Keep smiling, little b**ch. I can’t wait to break those fake teeth. He ain’t got sh*t to say; he’s a broke b***h.”

Covington Gets The Last Laugh…With A Broken Tooth

However, Covington got the last laugh when his superior wrestling neutralized the striking ability of Masvidal, effectively handing Covington the win.

With the two both in the hotbed of mixed martial arts in South Florida, they were bound to run into each other. With Covington saying any and everything about Masvidal, his words caught up with him after dinner in So Flo.

Now Masvidal could be facing felony charges, and Covington requires some dentistry. Although. Masvidal kept his word to “break those fake teeth,” he now has more problems than solutions for losing against Covington in the Octagon and catching cases from Covington in the streets.

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