TSL Sports Talk Recap: NFL Agent Rob London & MMA Journalist Rhett Butler.

This week on TSL Sports Talk, we had NFL agent, Rob London (@roblondon_nfl), on-air to give us a sense of the generation that is making their way into the locker rooms.

TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray (@thesportsgroove), and London open the discussion with the use of the n-word in the locker room, how social media amplified the Incognito-Martin controversy, and more. 


Rob London Part 1: Locker room hazing and racism in sports:

"This [Incognito-Martin controversy] is a very ugly situation. It brings all of our fears to the forefront when it comes to race relations in sports… What you see now, is that something that’s been there [race-related issues], but it’s being brought to light in such a way that it gives everybody an opportunity to voice an opinion–People that wouldn’t necessarily hear about things in the locker room.

There’s certainly a shift, and the words being used – the same words – are being used in a different way. Certainly over the last 10, 15, 20 years, the word n-phrase has evolved where it’s not so much – in our community – it’s not a bad word anymore. It’s become just a term of endearment. But when it’s used nowadays, with non-Black athletes, and they act a certain way [“down”], it’s almost a phrase that’s almost accepted, pretty much across the board in these locker rooms. And its only in these locker rooms – where these things are happening – that we hear about [these situations] because that’s where everybody who enjoys sports, that’s where people want to be. Those are the kinds of things people want to know about. What my favorite athlete is doing or talking about in the locker room."


Rob London Part 2: Does the NFL need sensitivity training for players, where the Miami Dolphins are headed, and more.


Bonus clip:

Combat sports events facilitator and journalist, Rhett Butler (@fightserviceslv), joined us later on TSL Sports Talk to talk about the 20th anniversary of MMA, the history and evolution of MMA, upcoming fight matches, and more. Read his two part special on TSL: Part 1 & Part 2.


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