TSL Sports Talk Recap: Moise Fokou

Last week on TSL Sports Talk, Titan’s linebacker Moise Fokou, joined us to talk about his fundraiser for his Root 53 Foundation. Root 53’s field day, taking place on July 12th, will provide kids with exercise activities, cooking lessons, and more. The Root 53 Foundation aims to give back to under served kids in the community, by supplying resources such as school supplies, school lunches and more. TSL Sports Talk host, Mark Gray, opened up the conversation by asking Fokou if there is something at his alma mater, University of Maryland, that fosters a sense of community and philanthropy that encourages athletes to participate in giving back to the community before they take their athletic careers to the professional level. 


It’s funny you say that. I think that us just coming from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area and going to [University of] Maryland, we understand where we come from –and our different backgrounds and how hard it was- and we just want to be able to give back to people who are just like us. Especially since we went through it ourselves. Being able to be blessed and make it to the NFL or to have success in our lives, we understand through our upbringing that someone gave us a chance, somebody lent us a hand and helped us out, and I think its our natural instinct is to just extend that hand back. I think a lot of great guys have come out of Maryland and have done a wonderful job at giving back to the community. 

Listen to the full interview below to find out which NFL players will be joining Fokou at his event, his passion for education, his football career, playing for former Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen, the upcoming season and more.

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