TSL Sports Talk Recap: Lorenzo Alexander

Arizona Cardinals linebacker and The Watkins Award Alumni Associations, Lorenzo Alexander, joined us this week on our special Super Bowl XLIX edition of TSL Sports Talk. Check out a few highlights below.

On the Cardinals performance this season:

“We had a lot of injuries that we kind of had to overcome the entire year. We lost some players due to free agencies and suspensions, but I think Coach Bruce Arians did a great job of preaching and teaching the next man up policy and guys bought in. Obviously towards the end of the year, we really faded defensively more than anything and it gives our QB and offense a real opportunity as far as field positions and turnovers to really create some more points for us. People want to point at Carson going down, Drew going down and Larry going down, but I think our defense and special teams really didnt provide that extra oomph to kind of get us over the hump and overcome some of those loses, which if you look at it, is hard to do.”

On how Russell Wilson and RG3 compare as QBs:

“Its hard to compare them. Obviously theyre both mobile QBs, but past that, I think Russell does a better job as far as pocket awareness, getting out and getting down. He gets what he can get and gets out of the way. I think Rob is more is a little more gung ho in that sense. But, I think Russell had a better team, a better built team overall. So its kind of hard to compare two guys that are kind of similar but kind of went in opposite directions. I think the biggest thing that Russell had over Rob was the organization. If you look at the off-field stuff outside of Marshawn not speaking to the media -thats kind of the biggest thing you can find- theres really no other distractions that Russell had to deal with. Rob had a lot of things going on, coming back from the injury, the whole thing he had with the Shanahans, switching over to a new coordinator. His development has kind of been slowed a little bit, but Im kind of confident in him to jump back and have another year under Gruden and hopefully those guys can get on the same page and he can continue to be great or develop him to be a great player. He has all the tools, but sometimes it takes a little bit longer than what the fans and the organization expects.”

Listen to the full interview above to hear more on the Cardinals and Alexanders opinions on Super Bowl XLIX.

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